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Self Assessment

If you've ever filled in a self assessment tax return, you'll know it can be a pretty daunting prospect. It's designed to give you responsibility for paying the right amount of tax, on time. However, in reality the lengthy forms and importance of getting your calculations just right mean many self-employed people look to accountants like us for help.

Our personal tax return service makes it simple
We're here to crunch the numbers for you, doing the maths to make sure your tax return is accurate and filed on time. It's a cost-effective service designed to give you peace of mind and includes:

  • preparing your tax return for you to approve;
  • submitting your tax return to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC);
  • calculating and advising you on how much tax to pay and when;
  • maximising allowable tax relief to reduce the amount you owe;
  • corresponding with HMRC so you don't have to.
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Talk to our self assessment expert

Our Derby-based self assessment tax returns experts have huge experience of filing personal returns for all sorts of people, in all sorts of industries. Please get in touch.