Step 1: Getting to know you

We’ll start by talking to you, making sure we really understand your business and your needs. We’ll then make recommendations based on our experience to ensure you have the right level of outsourced payroll services.


Step 2: All we need from you

When it comes to actually switching over to JT Payroll, all we need is your payroll run details or files from your existing software. That’s it. No fuss, no hassle, just a smooth transition.

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Step 3: How to send your payroll run

It’s really easy, you simply send your payroll run information to us using a standard spreadsheet. You can upload documents in our secure online customer portal, or a password protected email file. Once the reports have been approved, we’ll submit the data to HMRC and publish the payslips either electronically through our secure online system, OpenPayslips, or by post.

We’ll ensure salaries, bonuses, pensions, tax, National Insurance, etc. are all correctly calculated and, where we process the BACS payments, that your employees and HMRC receive accurate payments on the correct date.

Is my data secure?

We take data security extremely seriously. We invest in and regularly update our data security systems. Our staff are also well trained in data governance.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the exact service we deliver but there’s a good chance it will be less than it costs now.

What if we need any help or support?

The JT Payroll team is on hand to offer any guidance or support that you might need, via phone or email. We pride ourselves on providing clear, friendly, expert advice.

What if I’m already using a payroll services provider?

If you’re currently with a third-party supplier but want to change to JT Payroll, we’ll work closely with you and your current provider to make sure the transition runs as smoothly as possible. We’ll also ensure any issues you may have had with your old supplier are ironed out.

Contact us about payroll services
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Call JT Payroll on 01332 380938 to speak to one of our team or fill out the form and we’ll call at a convenient time for you.

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