By 2018, all employers will have to automatically enrol all of their eligible employees in a workplace pension scheme. Failure to do so could see you fined by the Pension Regulator.

Pension auto enrolment – act now!

Although 2018 might feel like a while away, your staging date is likely to be some months before then. And with it taking up to a year to properly prepare for auto enrolment, now’s the time to get the ball rolling.

Where do I start?

Talk to JT Payroll.

Our experts can help you understand your obligations and provide a comprehensive auto enrolment pension service.

In short, we can help you:

  • Find out your auto enrolment staging date (to do now)
  • Once you’ve chosen the pension provider, we can assist with the scheme set up.
  • Produce ‘Auto enrolment is coming’ letters to keep employees fully informed.
  • Work out who to put into the pension scheme at your staging date.
  • Create and send out employee communications (six weeks after staging date).
  • Upload data to your pension provider.
  • Declare your compliance (within five months after your staging date).

What’s my auto enrolment staging date?

It depends on the size of your organisation. If you’re not sure of your auto enrolment staging date, you can find out on the Pension Regulator’s website. All you need is your PAYE reference.

How do I know which pension scheme is right for my employees?

Choosing your pension scheme should be done around six months before your staging date. At this point we can provide ‘Auto enrolment is coming’ letters and posters so that your employees are aware of what’s happening.

Are all of my staff eligible for the workplace pension?

Basically, if they meet the age and earnings criteria then your employees must be put into a pension scheme and you must pay into it. If they fall outside these criteria, then they don’t have to be put into a pension scheme unless they ask to. At your staging date you’ll need to know how old each employee is and how much they earn. To check the latest information on age and earnings criteria, please go to the pensions regulator website.

How much do I have to pay in and how much do my employees pay in?

You'll contribute 1-3% of your employees' salary, depending on when the scheme starts. Your employees will contribute 1-5%, again depending on the date.

I know who needs a pension – what next?

We’ll help manage your auto enrolment pension set up. We’ll provide any letters for your staff, which can be delivered through our client portal.

What’s a Declaration of Compliance?

This is a document that tells the Pension Regulator that you’ve met your legal duties. We can help you with this.

How else can JT Payroll help?

Once you’re set up, we’ll assess your employees each time we run payroll, identify categories of workers, calculate pension contributions to be deducted and paid, and produce any statutory notices for your employees. We’ll process any opt out / opt in notices that you send us and we can also provide files to upload that you can send to your pension provider. Alternatively, we can do it all on your behalf. It’s all part of our fully managed payroll services.

What if I don’t comply with the new pension rules?

The responsibility for complying rests with employers, and if you don’t meet your legal obligation you will be fined by the Pension Regulator. However, with JT Payroll on your side, we’ll make sure you’ve got all your bases covered and ensure you remain compliant.

What if we already offer a pension scheme?

If you already offer a pension scheme to your employees, you will need to check with the scheme administrator to see if the present scheme is auto enrolment-compliant.

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