For more than 35 years, Johnson Tidsall has provided trusted payroll outsourcing services to hundreds of companies.

Whether you’re just starting out on your own or you’re a well-established company with more than a hundred employees, JT Payroll provides fully managed, outsourced payroll services that are tailored to your needs.

What is a managed payroll service?

A managed payroll service is when you outsource all your payroll processing to a third party – think of it as having your own payroll department without the overheads and management responsibility. JT Payroll provides an agile, flexible payroll outsourcing service to customers of all sizes. Our experts can handle all aspects of your payroll function. All you have to do is provide basic data, with the option of using our template spreadsheet.

Our services include:

What are the benefits of outsourcing payroll?

Payroll is an absolutely critical part of your business, but probably not one that gets you excited about coming to work (unless you’re people like us). If you’re a business, a fully managed payroll service removes a time-consuming administrative task. It also gives you the peace of mind that it’s all being handled for you.

If you’re a larger company, in many situations it can be much more cost-effective than employing in-house staff. Whatever your situation, outsourcing payroll frees you up to concentrate on what you do best: running and growing a successful business, saving you time and money.

There’s also the compliance factor to consider. As with many aspects of finance, payroll can be a legislative minefield and mistakes can be costly. As experts in this area, at JT Payroll we make sure we stay right up to date with any changes in regulation.

Why choose JT Payroll?

There are lots of companies out there, but we like to think we’re a little different. Small enough to care, but large enough to handle the most complex requirements, JT Payroll has an impressive track record.

Is outsourcing payroll right for my business?

Yes! From newly formed micro-companies to large organisations with hundreds of employees, we can tailor our services to support your business.


If you’re a smaller business...

If you’re running a small business, you’ve probably got enough on your plate without having to worry about dealing with huge amounts of payroll admin. You just want to know that your people are being paid accurately and on time and that your business is fully compliant. JT Payroll can take care of everything, allowing you to focus on running your company.


If you’re a larger business...

As you grow, it’s likely that you’ll have someone who has taken on responsibility for payroll. While they may be doing a good job, it’s likely they’ll have other responsibilities vying for their attention. And as you grow more, payroll can become ever more challenging and time-consuming. Outsourcing payroll will free up key personnel to concentrate on more value-added tasks and allow you to have dedicated, fixed-cost payroll experts at your disposal to remove the burden.


We're a large business...

You have a dedicated payroll department, but with that comes the cost, time and responsibility of managing and housing that team. A fully managed, outsourced payroll service is often much more cost-effective, giving you the funds to reinvest in other areas of your business. We also offer full confidentiality so that none of your more sensitive income information will be available to your employees.

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